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Chase the Peak

Modern Makers, October 2016

mylar, motor, fan, steel


The title is derived from how I walked the landscape in Scotland, how I would climb to the highest point of the hill only to find that there was always something higher. My first attempt at moving sculpture.


September 2015

steel, gold leaf, cast iron


The first work I made while in graduate school. The piece talks to the confinement I felt by re-entering an institution and what it feels like to work inside again.

Chromeo: The Pop-Up Pillar

April 2016

mylar, fan


Created for a Pop-Up exhibition in Cincinnati. Made of Mylar and powered by wind, this piece is the light yet impactful.

The Warped Box

Clay Street Press, April 2017

steel, wood, motor


One Minute. All the box asks is for you to spend this amount of time with it. If you can stand the tension, you will feel the motor vibrating underneath your feet. Slowly watch the steel box rise up, to reveal a small crack with the motor inside. This work is a nod to “Box with the Sound of its own Making” by Robert Morris.

I-Beam phase drawings and sculptures

October 2016


Following my obsession of with i-beam sculpture I began drawing i-beams as a symbol of structure contrasted with an organic shape. I also casted them in bronze miniatures and steel sculptures. 

You’ll die:I am going to live

February 2016

steel, gold leaf, carbon, photographs, sound

First small scale sculpture I've made in a long time. It combines elements and sounds from the human body and steel. This work is beginning to understand the power of sculpture and remembering how to breath.


The Waiting Room Gallery, October 2015


An experiment with a simple shape (triangle) and modular building. The sculpture can be completely disassembled to singular pieces of angel iron.

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