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Twenty Three Eleven

October 2021

Steel, stainless steel

10ft x 7ft x 8.5ft

Twenty Three Eleven is inspired by how Disney creates an atmosphere in which imagination transcends into a magical experience. Similar to how Disney likes to hide meaning in everything they make, the title, Twenty Three Eleven, holds its own message. The title references the timestamp of 11:11pm, a time when Cinderella would be still enjoying herself at the ball before her midnight curfew. In addition, wishes are often made at 11:11 because it is believed that they manifest quickly. Making the secret title of the work “11:11, Make a Wish.” 

Studying the different spaces, architectures, and methods of imagineering, I discovered that the true magic of Disney is created when families are brought together and interact with space. This artwork creates a physical manifestation of this magic in a convergence of lines. Referencing when Cinderella is transformed into her ballgown, I created a form where if you were standing in the middle of the sculpture you would feel swirling energy around you. The direction of the lines make the viewer feel that their participation in the sculpture contributes to the energy of the artwork. Inspired by original Disney drawings, the curved lines fluctuate between tightly and loosely twisted together making the sculpture feel like a sketch that has come to life. The individual lines of metal are strung and woven together to create a sweeping dance of abstract movement. This sculpture is a celebration of the moments that bring family together and hopes to inspire many more to come.

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